Forma V

Discover FormaV, a groundbreaking approach to feminine wellness right here in Knoxville.

FormaV uses an innovative internal radiofrequency probe to deliver uniform heating for effective tissue remodeling. Equipped with real-time temperature control, it prioritizes precision and patient safety during the treatment.

Forma V Can Help With ISsues Like:

Minimal Downtime, Maximum Comfort

FormaV’s state-of-the-art technology guarantees minimal to no downtime, perfectly suiting the needs of busy Knoxville women. Although a few might feel mild discomfort during or just after the procedure, most patients find the experience very comfortable.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Experience a FormaV journey tailored to your individual requirements. Your Knoxville provider will craft a specific treatment plan just for you. Typically, patients undergo 2-3 sessions, with noticeable enhancements often apparent after the initial session. The number of sessions you need will hinge on your particular concerns, personal goals, and whether you opt for a combination or standalone treatment strategy.

Safety and Reliability

Prioritizing your safety, FormaV is FDA cleared and recognized as a secure and effective solution for feminine health. It’s specifically endorsed for treating sexual dysfunction and as a supplment to Kegel exercises for pelvic floor strengthening.

Photo of the Knoxville Sunsphere - icon of Knoxville where The Spring provides FormaV treatments

Forma V Now available in Knoxville!

FormaV treatments are now available in Knoxville at The Spring! This revolutionary technology by InMode can help address vaginal laxity, vulvar laxity, and stress urinary incontinence, providing effective solutions for intimate wellness and confidence.